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Alloy Boost Hard Pipe

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Alloy Boost Hard Pipe

Name:  TT S3 Cupra R Boost pipe Standard 2 port
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Alloy Boost Hard Pipe

Thisalloy non-resonatedboost hard pipe replaces the turbo resonated turbo outlet pipe ( runs from the turbo down the left hand side of the engine) on the 1.8T 225 hp engines as found in the Audi TT S3225 hp (8N), SEAT Leon Cupra R. (uses original mounting brackets)

The removal of the noise reasonator allows unobstructed flow on the discharge or boost side of the turbo. We have also modified the “dent” in the underside of the pipe that allows it to clear the cam cover and made it as shallow as possible, to just allow the pipe to fit, but not overdone as to impede airflow. These combined modifications give quicker spool up of the turbo and effectively reduces the load placed upon it.

This pipe is available in two options:

  • as a direct replacement for the original pipe
  • as a direct replacement for the original pipe, but minus the recirculation valve hose connecter, for those that have a DV relocation kit.

Please select the pipe reqired in the options below

Please note that due to the production process the pipe may have minor surface marks

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Alloy Boost Hard Pipe

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