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LOBA motorsport

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    LOBA motorsport


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LOBA motorsport

LOBA2.0TFSIUpgrade high pressure fuel pump and cam follower

We take abrand newfactory OEM follower and pumpand then we makefundamental changesusing new components and processes by LOBA.

Modification and tuning of the 2.0TFSI engine far exceedingOEM power levels requires an extra volume of high-pressure fuel.TheLOBA2.0TFSIhigh pressure fuel pump will give a fuel volume increase of more than 50% and can sustain over 130 bar making it the one of the biggest flowing pumps on the market.

The materials and processes we decided upon are of the highest possible quality and for this particular application, thismeets the very high requirements needed for the latest generation ofOEMHPFPspecifications. Multiple stages of various precision machining, hardening processes, coating processes and quality control inspections characterize this LOBA pump.

Tested to over 8250rpm both in a controlled environment and on the track/road to simulate a large range of dynamic conditions. Doing so was an important part of our mechanical design parameters to ensure theLOBApump meets our standard, the result isreliability, durability and performance.

Key points:

  • LOBAspecial nitrided chrome silicon vanadium steel main spring (tested to specific strength/grade)
  • LOBA specially heat treated piston andcylinder (at specific hardnesss)
  • LOBA special DLC coating processes of piston
  • LOBA specialnano ceramic coating of piston and cylinder
  • LOBA optimized clearances ofcomponents
  • LOBA piston and cylinder are precision matched parts
  • Each LOBA uprated pump is assembled in a clean roomenvironment
  • Each LOBA uprated pump is preciselyinspected and tested and pre-lubed
  • OEM cam follower Included (Part No06D-109-309C)
  • Plug and Play
  • Made in Germany


    LOBA motorsport
    LOBA motorsport

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